Permanent Recruitment

With a continuum of job consulting services, we provide organizations with the necessary agility. Using our well-known brands, we have expanded our talent pool and can now offer our customers quicker access to the candidates they need. We efficiently evaluate and enhance talents, keeping our employees at the front of the industry so they can complete tasks on time, every time.

Our online recruiting portal offers best job consulting in India in engineering and manufacturing all around the globe and is updated regularly with new openings. Whether you are an individual job seeker or a business searching for permanent professionals, we provide endless/ direct recruiting options and the best consultancy in India.

About Permanent Requirement

What precisely is direct/permanent hire? And how do contact and permanent hiring vary from one another? Hiring highly skilled and bright individuals eager to advance your business over time is the goal of permanent recruiting. Permanent recruitment consultants are given full time contracts and are entitled to all of your company's perks.

Why Choose Us


Excellent Variety and First-Rate Service

Our permanent recruiting solutions are centered on the client's needs and customized for you. We give you a range of services so you may choose the appropriate degree of help for people consulting. Our permanent recruiting solutions come with flexible warranties of up to nine months because we are confident in the quality of our work. This gives you peace of mind when choosing the next expert for your company.


Unparalleled Access to Experts

The most prominent family-owned the best consulting company in the world is ACS. This allows us to aid you in finding the most extraordinary talent. We use our consultants' extensive local expertise and access to the UK's top consulting firms in India to find the people you need.

We were the first recruiter to provide specialized recruiting services after realizing that multiple industries needed various techniques. We now have a network of qualified individuals that represents our experienced in the 20 categories we hire for.


Purpose Driven

At ACS, we live up to our mission of "improving lives through work" every minute of the day. And to do this, we live by the following principles:

  • We are Sincere, Upfront, and Fair.
  • Taking charge
  • We collaborate

You can be sure you are dealing with a dependable recruiting partner who wants to improve your top strategy consulting firms and the larger community when you engage with us since we provide first-rate services that combine all these qualities.


Specific Warranties

We are providing quality of work that comes with the flexible warranties in our permanent recruiting services. This gives you peace of mind when choosing the next expert for your company.


Satisfying All of Your Hiring Requirements

We provide you with various services for One of the best company in Mohali in addition to those offered by an average recruiting agency because of our exceptional end-to-end coverage. We are here to help with all of your requirements, whether you need to recruit employees, a variety of workforce solutions, advisory services, professional development support, or pre-employment screening.