Contract Staffing

Our broad family of businesses, which range from people management, outsourcing, and talent development in information technology consultants to contingent and permanent hiring, meets the complex workforce concerns that organizations confront today. We provide the solutions that advance your company.

About Contract Staffing

Large and small businesses need help to keep up with the rising government restrictions and erratic market demand. While things are uncertain, you may not want to recruit full-time, permanent personnel. You want the adaptability of an agile, on-demand workforce capable of managing your company's operations exactly how you like.

ACS HR Consulting offers dependable contract staffing solutions that enable you to expand your staff strength without hiring them on a full-time basis, support overburdened personnel under pressing circumstances, and advance projects. We are one of India's top job consulting companies, providing comprehensive, economical, and effective Human Resource Management Services to businesses that may need more tools or desire to handle these labor-intensive jobs. We operate much like your company's HR Department when you employ us as your contract staffing agency, but without the difficulties and redundancy, you would otherwise have a deal with global consulting services.

Why Choose Us


We Find Persons for Your Needs

We can find the ideal employees for your organization by using a tried-and-true recruiting approach. We have access to a vast pool of individuals because of our professional networks all around the nation. We are one of the best software consulting companies that thoroughly screen, select, and assess possible applicants to provide you with the best options.


Lower Your Costs

With the help of our temporary staffing services, your firm will be able to adjust its workforce under the demands of its current business cycle. Using a quick force, you may cut down on the expenditures associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires and the administrative expenses of the human resources division. It also enables you to give your regular workers a break from their workload at hectic times.


Relieve Official Burden

In India, businesses must abide by several rules, including minimum salaries, gratuities, ESIC, PF, and many more. By serving as the focal point for all temporary employment needs, including labor law compliance and other legal difficulties, ACS HR Consulting relieves the stress of all administrative duties. Our legal experts and compliance officers will ensure your business meets all applicable laws and regulations.


Leasing of Employees and Contract Staffing

Simply shifting workers from a business onto the payroll of ACS's employee leasing services, then releasing them back to the employer temporarily, is how our employee leasing services work. As a result, ACS may legally hire you and handle all your HR-related management and administrative tasks for management consulting companies.

You will have more time to focus on your primary business when you outsource your HR administration to us while saving money, time, and resources. We offer a diverse pool of temporary employees, including consultancy jobs like accountants, lawyers, insurance specialists, and other experts. We can locate the ideal individuals for you, regardless of the kind or length of time that you need them.